Monday, October 6, 2008

A Little Change Will Do You Good

By Deb Torreso
Co-Editor In Chief

Human nature prepares us for the cycles of life. The seasons change, carrying with them the sights and sounds that fill our senses with delight; a new home or job gives us a chance to travel a different journey; a variety of characters come in and go out of our lives. These gifts are all components of our day-to-day lives.

Coming back to HCC this semester was like beginning a new cycle. With its airy layout and scenic views, it’s as if Beacon Hall was handed to us on a cement platter. There is nothing like a new design and fresh paint to get the academic juices flowing. Sure, it’s still a daily grind to get motivated to come to class on top of an already crazy life-schedule. But you have to admit, the scenery makes it a lot more appealing.

The one thing that was most endearing was the fact that someone took the time to say, “Hey, these people are already stressed out; what could afford them some relief?” Whoever the team of interior decorators were should be commended for creating this “artist’s palette” of shapes and colors to soothe the soul and rejuvenate the psyche. It must have taken some care to put it all together. They just as easily could have thrown neutral-colored paints on the wall and installed some new toilets and said, “Here you go. Enjoy!”

The first day I walked through the halls, I did a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing. I was blown away by our fifth-floor upper deck. I know I can’t be the only one who thought, “Wow, all we need is a Tiki Bar and a bartender who can blend a good Marguerita.”

I’ll certainly settle for the view for now. Speaking of which, has anyone been driving southbound at sunset? There is a perfect view from the highway of people walking through the halls. It seems to connect our HCC population to its outer community of Bridgeport; mirrored images of our brothers and sisters from auto-glass to window pane.

Rumor has it that Beacon Hall is not quite finished, and so we get a chance to experience its completion little by little. Some of it may go unnoticed, but I have a feeling some of it may peak our senses even more. Who knows? Maybe we can expect a four-star restaurant on the upper deck, or a game-room with pool tables and live music on the weekends.

What matters is not whether you think Beacon Hall is incredible or just okay. It’s how you feel when you are here that you should try to notice. In the middle of your crazy rush, try to take a moment to find a quiet spot to “chill.” The fifth-floor deck in late afternoon has a great sunny spot. You might find that you look at things a little bit differently afterward.

Either way, this whole process has been a treat. I am proud to be a part of the HCC community at this special time in its history.

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Anonymous said...

I too were having my share of enjoying the new building. Then it dawned on me. They are not complete with the building...this include actually cleaning the dust off the classroom tables and so forth. I know that they cannot please all the people all the time but I'm just pointing out a fact. I rather be safe than sorry. Are they going to think about the dust that settled in the rug AFTER someone has an asthma attack? Well let's home that out of the over 5,000 students going in and out of the new classrooms isn't allergic to dusk. "Everything that glitters isnt gold and not all gold is as pure as it looks."